VAinsider Club Members on the Inside Track to Virtual Success SAY…

I wish I’d found VA Insiders before I’d even started my business. If you are thinking you can’t afford to pay for a program like VA Insiders, I challenge you to ask yourself how much your time is worth. For the minimal cost of the VA Insiders program you will receive so much value in return. If I had it to do over again, I’d seriously consider even placing the amount on a charge card in order to take advantage of this program. You get REAL help here. Tawnya holds twice monthly, 90 minute group coaching calls that are invaluable. Get real-time feedback on your business website, content, goals and more, from a real industry leader! It is also super helpful to be able to bounce your ideas off of other VA Insiders. The VA Insider Dashboard includes Templates, EBooks, Guides, Webinars and more, all created by industry professionals. Why re-invent the wheel when you have all of these resources available to you in one spot! PLUS, a Job Board where you can respond to RFPs that are legit.  VA Insiders include beginners as well as seasoned professionals from around the globe. So don’t be afraid to join VA Insiders and then PARTICIPATE in order to utilize the full value. I have never regretted participating.
Patricia Marcero ~

Years ago I subscribed to a different VA business mentor’s site.  There was little coaching and the information was confusing.  It left me disheartened.  Last year I decided to sign up with Tawnya through VAinsiders.  This was the best decision I have made in a long time.  I am on my way to desired success and have received great coaching, individually and within the group.  

Ellen Ward, Author’s Assistant ~

VAinsiders is an invaluable resource. The VAult alone is an explosive source of knowledge — you don’t even have to be a Virtual Assistant to benefit from Tawnya’s systems. As a WordPress Consultant, I’ve implemented much of Tawnya’s advice, increasing authority, gaining clients and establishing business clarity along the way

Mark Hunter ~

Join VA Insiders if you’ve got the ability to do so. When I started my VA business in early 2014, I attended the VA Virtuosos Seminar (VAVS) and then joined VA Insiders shortly after that. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent watching webinars from the VAult or how many downloads I did of helpful forms, protocols, and such. The VAult alone is like an encyclopedia, or a library–a real treasure trove! If you need a resource, it’s bound to be in there. Apart from that, my two favorite things are the RFPs and group coaching. I set things up so that the RFPs are emailed to me automatically, and I attend the monthly group coaching headed up by our wonderful mentor, Tawnya Sutherland. When I can, this site is where I hang out with other VAs, and the support has been wonderful.

Irene Chambers

I joined the VA Insiders and it’s one of the best things I have done for my business. VAnetworking has been a tremendous help for me and my business and by joining this elite group, I have access to the RFP system and great downloads. If you haven’t joined, don’t wait any longer. Do it now! You won’t regret it!!

Terri Brooks –

If You’re Ready to Get Serious About Your Virtual Assistance Business … Get on the Insider Track to Virtual Success!

The VAinsider Membership Club is the answer to your sleepless nights, your unanswered questions, your desire to be the fabulous entrepreneur you know you can be.

How much did you spend on ink for your printer last year? Business cards? Those brochures you’ve been meaning to toss and re-do from scratch?

This year, make the VAnetworking VAinsider Membership Club a line item in your marketing budget.


The return on your investment will be … well … priceless!

I wanted to let you know that I got a new client by responding to one of the RFPs posted here in VAinsiders Job Board. The fee for the project that my client needed covered the cost of my membership here.   I’m very grateful to join because I find the content and webinars you provide for us in this group are very valuable in my VA business.  I’m gonna make better use of time management because I really hate missing your live webinars! I missed the last Group Coaching call and I know it’s in the VAult but the new client I have has kept me super busy.  I decided to just block out those days or hours that you are meeting with us so I can fully invest in my own education by spending time with you, Danielle, and the other awesome members!  Thank you!

Lourdes McCombs

I just wanted to thank you for the coaching call suggestions during yesterday’s meeting! I reached out to the 2 RFP’s I applied to (that never responded to me but had looked at my Loom videos) as you mentioned and they responded!  We set up calls with one another and I used your handy dandy excel sheet to document. So thank you for the encouragement and great advice!

Ashley Hiatt ~

I agree — VA Insiders is a great value! The downloads alone are worth plenty more than the price, but I’m especially enjoying the Mastermind Discussion forum. There’s lots of great debate from all viewpoints on Tawnya’s hypothetical business questions.

AnnaLisa Michalski ~

My experience as a VAinsider Club Member has been nothing but positive.  In order to succeed, it is imperative that we take advantage of all the tools available to us.  The VAinsiders fits the bill!  Not only does it offer a ton of services to it’s membership, they are extremely helpful and dedicated to each member’s success.  I highly recommend them.

Pamela Cendejas ~

I cannot even begin to tell you what an impact VAnetworking has had on the success and growth of my business. Joining VAnetworking in 2004 was absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

VAnetworking has always been a place where Virtual Assistants at all stages in their businesses can go to meet other likeminded business owners, get answers to questions, celebrate success, commiserate over disappointments and losses or just hang out and have a great time. Tawnya’s watchful eye and constant reiteration that “no question is ever stupid,” has created a safe haven where VAnetworking members know they can go for support and camaraderie no matter what’s going on in their businesses and/or personal lives. VAnetworking truly is the friendliest place on the web for Virtual Assistants all over the world to gather together with one common goal … to network and assist each other in growing their businesses and making their dreams come true. As an added bonus to everything else, I can truly say that I’ve gained some of my closest and dearest friends through my association with VAnetworking.

Thank you Tawnya; you truly are the best!

Terry L. Green ~

The deal is a great one if nothing else ever was added. However, I’m seeing that the Insiders are committed to having the group be a growing entity that lets members keep growing. Remember the official launch is only a couple weeks old and already the members are seeing practical benefits. In this view of all that is so wonderful, each of us has to function where we are.

For those who are absolutely straining to build a business with next to no investment (I’ve been there), the truth is there will be more work in their future to stay alive as a VA. It can be done and all who do it are to be admired, but their opporuntities for shortcuts are limited. Again, sometimes there is nothing that can be given up that will result in cash, but sometimes there is. It might mean taking a onsite project that ends up with Now money. I have a friend who used to get a waitress job for two-three months before vacation so she would have some money to spend on vacation. She hated working outside her home, but took what skills she had to push herself to attain what she wanted. As soon as she did, she went back to doing what she wanted to do most.

JudyAnn Lorenz ~

Being a VAInsider has been one of the best choices that I’ve made with my small investment. Having access to the many, many templates, forms, tutorials, archived seminars, and RFP’s more than pays for the membership fee. Plus, we can learn online marketing techniques and tips directly from Tawnya in the VAInsider monthly seminars. But, the icing on the cake is networking with other like-minded VAs who are serious about running a successful business.

Ruth Maplewood –

I know that for many VAs starting out, money is a big concern, and investments in your business have to be carefully chosen. One of the best investments you can make in your business is joining the VA Insiders! As a VAInsider, you get access to RFPs, business templates and contracts and other valuable downloads — not to mention the marketing seminars, and the invaluable networking opportunities. Joining the VAInsiders is a critical part of a successful VA’s business plan — which, it happens, is also available for download to VAInsiders. Being a VAInsider adds great value to my business. Why not let it add value to yours?

Leanne Chambers ~

There isn’t much I can add to the previous posts except to endorse what a wonderful deal this is. The return on investment is priceless. I’ve had my head happily buried within the details for a week now and am just delighted with being a VAinsider. It’s the one area I’d put my money again.

Grace White ~

I just spent several hours downloading and previewing all the great forms, tutorials and other goodies that came with the VAinsider Club membership. What a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much! All of the forms and tutorials are wonderful. In one of my other lives, I was a Forms Management supervisor for a large corporation so I very much appreciate having everything in one place and not having to reinvent the wheel. Having free access to all of these business building aids is invaluable. A great time saver allowing more time to network and develop our client base. Great work. I look forward to the VAinsider Club.

Angelica ~ Virtual Assistant

First of all, my own journey to become a virtual assistant started at VAnetworking as have many others. VAnetworking is an important community in the virtual assistant world. If you have the time and the patience, ‘virtually’ every question you have about starting a VA business can be found by searching the forum archives, posting questions to the membership, or paying close attention to signature lines of other members and the advertising throughout the forum.

Working virtually, the one thing that’s missing is coworkers to talk with throughout the day, and often a feeling of isolation that comes with working for yourself in your own private office. If you encounter a problem with a client’s project, are stuck in a MS Word document or just heard a joke on the radio that you would love to share with someone, VAnetworking is there 24/7. The membership is made up of likeminded individuals who are there to support you. Almost almost everyone is either starting out where you are, or has ‘been there and done that’ and can help you avoid the mistakes they have made on their way to success. There are hundreds of people to learn from and everyone has something to offer, no matter how new to the industry. Everyone learns from one another.

If you aren’t a member of VAnetworking, you are missing out on a lot of priceless information and a great sense of belonging.

Jaime Lee Mann ~

I wish I had become an Insider sooner than I did. There is so much information, tips, tricks and “fancy bits” that come with being an Insider. Plus – doesn’t it just sound cool? I’m an Insider!

The people you “meet” virtually through their Q&A is great! You learn so much about each other, not just a name, and possibly a face. The things that Tawnya has put together in her very successful time as a VA Virtuosos is spectacular! It boggles my mind that one woman can do so much! 

If you’re not an Insider, what are you waiting for?

Dana Fortier

Thank you, Tawnya, so much for all the invaluable templates, etc. It has given me more time to focus on clients and less time to worry about the documents needed and the details! My only regret is that I hadn’t done it sooner.

Cathleen Jacobsen 

As a new person starting out over the past few months, I was so glad that I joined the VAinsiders Club. The information and downloads are invaluable. It saves so much time with everything in one place. The support of Tawnya and all the others is so important. As the saying goes, no question is stupid. Everyone helps each other with support and friendship – like one big family. I recommend the membership upgrade to everyone. No question about it. Enjoy!

Heather Chernofsky

Being part of the VAinsiders group is invaluable. Not only do you get to hang out with other great VAs who are taking that extra step in making their business the best it can be, but you also get a whole lot of great extras. The templates, tutorials, legalese samples, and access to RFPs give you that extra little edge your business deserves. There is more stuff than you can imagine and it is all there to help you make your VA business better. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now. You will be so glad that you did!

Darryl Williams ~

Thanks to my VAInsider membership, I just signed my first retainer client through an RFP posted here. We just finished our first week and things are going great! The VAInsiders area is literally a treasure trove of information and the monthly seminars are well worth the price of admission. I cannot wait to see what is coming next! :D

Chelle Barnett ~ The VA Diva

I wanted to take a moment to add my own “testimonial”. I was on the fence about spending the upgrade fee because simply, finances are tight. However, I think it was the best investment for the money that I have made to date for my business.

I’ve only been a VAinsider for a few days, but already I am thankful that I decided to take the plunge. I am stunned at the information and help that Tawnya has made available. I knew that becoming an “insider” was a great step to take for my business, but I had not anticipated the boost it has given me on a personal level. Thanks to the additional resources that I have access to as a VAinsider, I feel more confident in my business goals and direction as a VA, and feel I have the tools I need to be able to move forward and develop my business!

 Crystal Coleman ~

Invest now and you won’t have to figure things out all by yourself. Whether you are a new VA or an established VA with a new challenge (and the need for input on specialized software or a new prepared form), a VAInsider membership puts the tools you need right at your fingertips. In addition, who can put a price on such a great networking opportunity?

Debbie Lynn Butler ~

I joined the VAinsiders club earlier this month. I downloaded all the great forms and information that has been made available to us. It was a GREAT deal for the intro price. A couple of months ago I paid $30 for 5 forms from another site that weren’t nearly as good as the VAinsiders, plus there are TONS more available here! Also, since the VAinsiders are the only ones who get to see the RFPs now, I have a much better shot at landing a few good clients now.

I’ve already gotten some “possible” responses to RFPs I responded to earlier this week. If I get even one job from those, it was more than worth the money! I do believe this has been a great investment for me and my VA business. I will even renew next year if the price goes up!

Sherra Scott ~

All I can say is, “Ditto, ditto, ditto!”

In addition to all the features mentioned above, I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts in the mastermind discussion area. In just the past few weeks since the VAinsider Club was launched, we’ve already had several enlightening discussions. So far, we’ve discussed the following topics:

* Are high-maintenance, high-yield clients worth it?
* What do you do when your guesstimate goes over your initial quote?
* How do you handle potential conflicts of interest?

It’s been entertaining and educational to read other people’s opinions on these topics, and I can’t wait for future topics! Since the VAinsiders Club is private, everyone can be open and honest about their feelings on these and other controversial topics without wondering who’s reading. It’s a great learning experience for new and veteran VAs alike. I’m also looking forward to getting to know my fellow VAs on a deeper level. What a great online networking opportunity! As everyone else has said, the templates and the business plans alone are worth far more than the introductory price. You really have nothing to lose. I hope to see many more of our members join! See you there!

Angela Smith ~

I joined up just the other day and already I have got so much back from becoming a VA Insider member! Thank you Tawnya for access to so many useful forms and other goodies that go with upgrading to a VA Insider for such a great price! I am just starting out as a VA and have been working over the past month or so to get all the processes in place… and wow there is so much to think about! It has made such a difference having access to so many well thought out sample forms and tools, which you can tell have been developed through many years VA experience. I can already see that my upgrading has been a very good investment and will help me in getting my business off the ground! Thanks once again!

Rachel ~ Virtual Assistant

I found once I started investing in my business that my business started to grow. The forms alone make the insider membership fee worthwhile, not to mention the mastermind discussions. Oh, I almost forgot the RFPs! With a reduced number of members seeing the RFPs I have a far better chance of landing those clients. I already responded to one yesterday and got a call back today!

Sally Kuhlman ~

This is a great opportunity for us all. I am a member and love it. I also have the VBSS System. The two combined can help you take your business from so-so to great. Thanks Tawnya for all you do!

Lisa ~ LG Creative Assistance

The VA Insiders is the best thing that could happen to anyone in business if your serious about making money! The packages that come with the membership alone are worth the sign-up fee. I have heard remarks about, “I can’t afford it”…but in my opinion, how can you NOT afford to buy into a place that can only enhance your business?

True, there are several things to “join” regarding Virtual Assistants that includes membership costs, books, tutorials, etc., you also have many freebies available, but you have to be selective in what will benefit your business the most. So many were worried about over thousands of members trying to go for the same RFP opportunity. NOW, the odds are much better and when the opportunity presents itself, it is up to US to make it happen. Tawnya is presenting this opportunity as she has for years, and it only makes sense to provide an insider club to something that has skyrocketed in membership over the years. YOUR opportunity awaits you. Anything of special value cost money…we can get internet info free all over the net…but can you get to the insiders? Nope! Hurry! Sign-up today! You will be missing a great opportunity for your business, if you miss this Insider Niche, I promise!

Mary Beth Marino ~

Earlier this month, I made the right investment choice for my business…I became a proud member of the VAInsider club! Wow, wow, wow! I’ve only been in business since May of this year and from the very minute that I upgraded, I realized what a smart choice I had made! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the perks and goodies that have come with my new membership! I feel so blessed to be a part of this elite group! Having access to the forms, business plan templates, RFPs, seminars, etc. have all been more than worth the intro price. The benefit this membership has given to my business is priceless!!

Robbie Susen ~Virtual Assistant

I was honestly on the fence about whether or not to upgrade… but I am so glad I did, and only wish I had sooner! The amount of information and additional resources available is unbelievable… I spent quite a bit of time downloading documents and reading, reading, and more reading. I even spent the better part of the last few days working on my new and improved business plan and what a great feeling of accomplishment and excitement that was… I am convinced that the this is the place to be in order to take my business to the next level.

Kathy Fink ~

Please don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your membership. The forms are a fantastic offer, just the forms alone would be worth the money. Access to the RFP’s – we are already seeing results from belonging to an elite pool of VAs competing for the RFP’s. Better chances of finding clients, worth EVERY penny! Networking with other supportive, intelligent professionals also investing in their business, and willing to help this industry grow, is a place I want to be, don’t you?

Paula Williams ~

I only have one thing to say, if you are really serious about starting your own Virtual Business as a Virtual Assistant, there is only one way to do it and to do it right, and that is by joining the VAinsider Club!!! The information and support that you will receive is like no other. No more staring at your PC screen wondering what is the next step you should take, or what are the how’s and the what’s of the business itself. Free templates download, that will cut down your ‘œset up’ procedures, seminars that will open your eyes and your business senses, loads of research material, the availability of promoting your business through the medium of your own business banner, newsletter, RFP’s forwarded to your attention directly to your email and the list goes on. You want to start that business?

Then get off the fence, and make your first ‘important’ decision, by becoming part of the VAinsider group. You will not regret it; make an investment in your own future and the future of your own business. And, let’s not forget, the support and the camaraderie of other business owners that think ‘likewise’ this makes my day, and this is where I want to be.

Christiane Jechoux –

Just wanted to add my raves about the Insiders too. Having access to the RFP section as well as all the fabulous downloads, and upcoming tutorials, is just such a great deal.

Yvonne McCoy ~

I am a newbie to the VAinsider and after reviewing the many templates which you gain access to by becoming a member, I feel like it is Christmas. What a value this part alone is to your business is priceless. There are so many varieties of templates available including Business Plan templates, Legal Templates, General Templates and more. As I said, I am new to being a Virtual Assistant, but can honestly say that becoming a VAinsider is one of the best things I could have done for my new business. Everything is so much clearer now and I feel like can overcome any obstacle.

Bravo Tawnya! I’m on top of the world with the VAinsiders!

Kevin Rhodes ~

Upgrading my membership to a VAInsider was really a no-brainer. The RFPs alone are worth the money – and as Tawnya and others have mentioned, with only Insiders having access to them, increases my chances of landing that client. I am still working my way through the templates and the archives of other goodies that are available to VAInsiders. I would highly recommend that others sign up before the deadline, to avoid missing out on this tremendous basket of goodies! It will be the best money you will ever invest in your VA business!

Tracey Daviero ~

I encourage everyone to join the VAinsider Group. It’s a great value! If you are on the fence about spending the money, think of it as an investment in your future. It’s a small price per month to belong to and it gives you an opportunity to apply for the RFP’s that come in daily. There are some great seminars, offers and downloads just for members. I think I’ve recouped much of my money just in the forms I was able to use that Tawnya provided free of charge.

Give it a try for a year and see what you think. It’s a business expense. Make sure you get a receipt and include it in your taxes in January!

Nancy Barnes ~ Virtual Assistant

As I’m just starting my business I hesitated about whether to spend the money on something like this, but I’m so glad I did. You couldn’t get better value for money anywhere – the templates alone are worth more than this introductory price! I’m looking forward to fast-tracking my business and client list with the help of the VAinsider Club.

Levi J. Scarman ~

I started to write a post explaining what benefits I have already gotten out of my VAinsiders Membership and how I plan to maximize my membership going forward. However, the message ended being way too long. So, in an effort to highlight everything and also keep it short for the forum I decided to post an article titled, “Virtual Assistant Networking Exclusive Offer ~ VAinsider Club Membership” on my blog. In this article, I have illustrated my favourite tools at VAnetworking, the benefits I have already received through my VAinsider Club Membership, and how I plan to continue to maximize my VAinsider membership benefits. Here is a snippet from the article…

“Exclusive Marketing & Advertising Opportunities: Did you know that VAnetworking gets over 4,500,000 hits a month? Where else can you afford to advertise on a site that gets this amazing amount of traffic? You could have a banner ad for as low as $50 per month. Imagine how impressed your clients and leads would be if you had a ‘œclient spotlight’ section on your website and could tell them that you advertise with a banner ad on a site that generates 4,500,000 hits a month.”

With that being said, I would like to share yet another amazing BONUS of my VAinsider Membership that I implemented just last week. Tawnya’s Business Plan Template and Tawnya’s Financial Template. These 2 documents will save me countless hours of work and I mean countless. For example, I recently got accepted into a 52 week entrepreneurship course offered through my provincial government. I am currently attending class 3 full days a week for 10 weeks just to learn how to create an effective business plan. This doesn’t include the time I will have to spend actually creating the plan. And, as you know the information available today from a virtual assistant perspective is very limited. I have a deadline of Dec. 31st to have my final plan approved by the instructors or else I am booted out! So now, you can see how much this tiny percentage of VAinsider Membership Benefits has already moved my business forward. Once this business plan is complete, I will be able to walk into any bank with full confidence of securing the funds I need to invest in myself and my business development.

Frances Palaschuk ~

When I joined VAnetworking VAinsiders membership program, I didn’t know what to expect. More than 6 months later, you would not believe how great of an experience I have had.

Not only has the VAinsiders helped me start my business but I have created some very valued friends and a great partnership. VAinsiders has resources where I can download forms, such as a business plan, and a contract saving me countless hours of research and effort trying to put one together myself. My business started with a project here and there but it did not really pay the bills. When I joined VAinsiders I was skeptical at first, but with the valuable information I received from successful VA’s and the VAinsiders Proactive VA series, and of course I cannot forget the forum, (my second bible) I have conquered my fear of speaking in public. Thanks to the great information in a seminar I’ve built my traffic on my website and now I have a full schedule of long term clients. I give thanks to referrals from VAnetworking members that I network with and the education that VAnetworking and the VAinsiders program has given me. Not only in my business, but personally as well. I have grown so much and I cannot thank one single person enough for the success in my VA business as much as I do VAnetworking and their capabilities to offer the 3 levels of membership and gave me the capability cost wise to kick my membership up a notch.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for the VAinsiders, and me personally.

Dianna Lowe-Lambert ~

I invested in the VAC System a month ago and while waiting on the system to arrive, I took advantage of the discounted price to upgrade to the VAINSIDER. I sent my payment in and to my surprise they sent me back half, explaining that as a VAC owner, I get yet another discount at half off. What a great deal because not only did I get half price, but from now on my membership remains half price.

What a deal for all the wonderful perks I found being on the “Inside”. I am still in the start up phase of my business and having received my kit I am on the fast track to success with the help of my fellow insider team members and any and all templates I need.

Thank you so very much Tawnya for sharing, so that the next VA might succeed!

 Cynthia Clark 

What are you waiting for?