About VAinsiders:

In 2007, Tawnya decided that it was time to give Virtual Assistants an opportunity to become proactive and grow their VA businesses. She started the VAinsider Club to provide Virtual Assistants around the world with training, guidance and support as they grew their Virtual Assistant businesses.

Today the VAinsider Club is made up of both new and veteran VAs that truly care about the success of their business and the VA industry, as a whole. VAinsiders understand that creating a solid and successful business takes the support of others and the VAinsider club is providing that support for them. The VAinsider club has become a place where members can get answers to their questions, celebrate their successes and just “hang out” with likeminded business owners in a fun, collaborative and exciting way. Read testimonials from our members here.

With hundreds of members to date, VAinsiders is the fastest growing club of its kind for VAs looking to put their business on the fast track.

About Tawnya Sutherland

When people want information regarding any topic within the Virtual Assistant industry they turn to one of its Pioneers, Tawnya Sutherland.

“Create the skill base you need to enable you to outsource your workload to a VA specialized in the skill set you need to free working capital, and more importantly your time. Allowing you more time to do what you do, promote your business”

Created 12 years ago, Tawnya’s first venture, (and still operating today) Mediamage Business Solutions was forged from the need of a divorced mother of three to find a way to put food on the table, a roof over their head and still find time to spend time with her kids.

Tawnya took those hard learned skills and founded VAnetworking, the largest and most prolific Virtual Assistant Social Network online today. With thousands of members worldwide VAnetworking.com is the place to find the latest information about the VA Industry, and locate the fastest growing opportunities for VAs looking to put their business on the fast track to success. Tawnya has become the go to person for Virtual Assistants wanting to share, learn more, and grow their businesses.

More recently Tawnya has decided to take her knowledge of the Virtual Assistant industry together with her skills as a Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist to educate business owners on how to outsource their business needs to a Virtual Assistant.

”Virtual Assistants today can do so much more than just basic administrative tasks, their skill sets now run the entire gambit of abilities from basic secretarial work to full on accounting, web management, and strategic planning”

With her member site VAinsider Club, Tawnya has also created a built in resource of talent for those entrepreneurs looking for the skilled personal they need to help lessen the load of business ownership, freeing themselves up to re-concentrate on the expansion of their business’ or get that free time that they so well deserve.

Tawnya uses her Internet Marketing skills to help business entrepreneurs turn clicks into cash. She is a VA Expert, coaching new and veteran Virtual Assistants on how to make money with their business online. Hundreds of VAs have utilized her Virtual Assistant Startup System to get their businesses up and running quickly and easily.

As if that isn’t enough, Tawnya started the VA Virtuoso Seminars so Virtual Assistants could access top notch advice and support from Tawnya and her exclusive worldwide network of business experts.

A few words from Tawnya:

I share a passion for the Virtual Assistant industry and for educating and assisting VAs (both new and veteran) to achieve their full potential. I also love to educate others about the Virtual Assistant industry and how partnering with a Virtual Assistant can strengthen any business. I have made it my goal to spread the word about Virtual Assistants and teach others about the benefits of outsourcing to Virtual Assistants.

I am an idea person and brainstorm constantly about how I can achieve my goals for both Virtual Assistants and for growing the industry.


Watch Tawnya take the world by storm and work to get people asking “Who is your VA?” rather than the standard “What is a VA?” we are hearing right now.

Connect with Tawnya at VAnetworking.com, the market leading FREE resource for Virtual Assistants worldwide.