My Virtual Assistant friend…

Are you ready to take back control of your business?

The PROVEN PATH to CONSISTENT CLIENTS in Your Service Business.

FIND THE FREEDOM to have and do whatever YOU want by generating the money to make it happen.




If you are like many other VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS you struggle to get consistent CLIENTS to make money . . . and YOU keep running into roadblock after roadblock!

Does this sound like YOU?

  • Always worried about how you’ll find the CLIENTS you need to make the money you want.
  • Stressed out because you keep trying all sorts of things others tell you to do but nothing is working.
  • Feeling totally alone and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make your VA business work.
  • Losing confidence as other Virtual Assistants seem to be making it work but you can’t get any clients to sign up and work with you.
  • Getting desperate and trying anything and everything including doing work for reduced fees and even free !!! versus being paid what you are worth!

SO, what do you do at this point?

Well, a lot of people in your shoes JOIN the VAinsiders with Virtual Assistant Coach and Business Strategist > Tawnya Sutherland.

Because Tawnya has been in your shoes – and knows exactly how you feel.

In 1997… she had three young kids, was in the middle of a divorce, was laid off from her job, and living in a place where she had no family or community support. She made the decision right there and then not to have a pity party… and instead take things into her own hands.

She started her own Virtual Assistant business so she could support her kids and herself and do it in a way that would last.

BUT, Tawnya knew she couldn’t do it alone. She needed a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to hang out and learn with so she started up VAnetworking in 2003. But Tawnya didn’t stop there, over the next couple of years she created the Virtual Assistant Career Success System (includes VAinsiders Club) to teach her VA roadmap. NEXT, she gathered up enthusiastic keeners in the VA industry and put together a membership community for Virtual Assistants, where she could continually coach and teach others to find clients so they could have the same client success she had.

And 2 decades later, Tawnya continues to share her 25+ years of expertise coaching VAs…

so they can experience the same feeling of joy from creating their own freedom and success.

Pic was taken eons ago in 1997

Nobody’s been doing this longer 😉

It’s Time to JOIN the VAinsiders Club!


This is the 3 C’s formula behind how the VAinsiders Club has been in existence for decades helping thousands of Virtual Assistants find success in their work-at-home service-based business.

The VAinsiders Club is the COMMUNITY where Virtual Assistants go to get the COACHING that helps them land the CLIENTS they need to find the freedom and success they desire.

Let’s dive into each part of this proven formula:

1. COACHING you can trust and rely on.

Your COACH, Tawnya Sutherland has been walking the talk for over 25 years as a successful Virtual Assistant. Who better to learn about being a successful Virtual Assistant than from someone who has been there and done it all!

Nobody has been doing this longer!

AND if the word marketing paralyzes you, well, you are in good hands with Tawnya who has graduated from the University of British Columbia as a Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist.

2. COMMUNITY of like-minded peers and friends.

Tawnya soon found out when she started up her VA business that loneliness and isolation were real and that her COMMUNITY would be a vital part of her business success.

Through the good and the difficult times in business, the camaraderie and support she found in her network of business colleagues was a crucial element that has always been a major part of her membership programs. The VAinsiders has been the go-to community for thousands since 2003.

3. CLIENTS in abundance waiting to hire you.

CLIENTS are a Virtual Assistant’s bread and butter and without them, you would not be in business.

Get ready to become a client magnet as Tawnya has brought together training resources and business resources critical to you getting booked solid with clients in no time at all.

She will teach you how to become a marketing machine and land loads of clients.

Get booked solid in no time at all!


The VAinsiders Club is the COMMUNITY where Virtual Assistants go to get the COACHING that helps them land the CLIENTS they need to find the freedom and success they desire.


WATCH THIS VIDEO with Tawnya as she gives you a peek at the inside:

Here’s what you’ll get with your membership:


COACHING you can trust and rely on.

  • Group Coaching Sessions (2X per month) with Tawnya to gain focus on your strategy, and mindset to help you move forward in your business PLUS you can pick Tawnya’s brain at the VA Forum every day on whatever question is keeping you awake at night.
  • ACCESS to Training Tracks (100+ videos) presented by Tawnya and other expert trainers that she has handpicked for you. Topics you’ll need to learn to give you the most comprehensive plan to help you attract, keep and nurture your clients.
  • ACCESS to VA Template VAult a 150+ template reservoir that includes business templates, contracts. tutorials, business plans, checklists, and worksheets. These templates will save you many hours not having to start from scratch to build your business templates.


COMMUNITY of like-minded peers and friends.

  • ACCESS to the Private VA Forum, so anytime you have a question or hit a roadblock, you can engage with our community experts (and Tawnya) and ask for help. No more sharing your struggles publicly in Facebook groups where your clients may search and read about.
  • ACCESS to Co-Work Get It Done Workshop (3-hour session) for personal accountability. Network and co-work with your business colleagues to get more focused and motivated to reach your financial goals.
  • ACCESS to Membership Perks to oodles of premier partner discounts and freebies that Tawnya has found for you on other products and training resources to help grow business.


CLIENTS in abundance waiting to hire you.

  • ACCESS to our VA Job Board to find all the clients you’ll ever need. And with less competition than larger job boards online you’ll find quicker success landing clients.
  • ATTEND our Getting Clients Training Series each month taught by Tawnya, to learn how to find clients, keep clients, and have those clients send you steady streams of referrals for years to come!
  • Virtual Assistant Directory Listing to add your business details so clients can easily search and find the experts they need to hire like you!

Here’s what fellow VAinsiders are saying:

COACHING you can rely on and trust.

I’ve implemented Tawnya’s advice, increasing authority, gaining clients, and establishing business clarity along the way.
~ Mark Hunter ~

COMMUNITY of like-minded peers and friends.

The support of Tawnya and all the others is so important. As the saying goes, no question is stupid. Everyone helps each other with support and friendship – like one big family.
~ Heather Chernofsky ~

CLIENTS in abundance waiting to hire you.

I got my very first client from the Job Board, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for giving us VA’s a place to go for incredible opportunities.
~ Andrea Jones ~

Finally, the straight goods on HOW TO HAVE CONSISTENT CLIENTS in your Virtual Assistant business.

All in one place, for an affordable price.

Become a VAinsider today and get on the inside track to YOUR VIRTUAL $UCCESS!

What you’ll get as a VAinsider:

  • Group Coaching Sessions 2X month
  • Access to 100+ Video Training Tracks
  • Access to our VA VAult
  • Access to the Private VA Forum
  • Co-Work Get It Done Workshop (3 hours)
  • Membership Perks and discounts
  • Access to our busy VA Job Board
  • Getting Clients Training Series
  • Virtual Assistant Directory business listing

ONLY  $97 US/month (cancel anytime)

~ Kristin Lobdell ~

I recently joined VA Insiders and I found the group to be extremely welcoming and supportive right from the start.

I gained valuable tools and insights right away that I will be able to implement in my business.

Everyone here is so kind, professional and genuinely care about helping you succeed.

As a solopreneur I needed a community of like-minded professionals that understand the specific needs of a VA that I could meet with regularly for support. I am so happy to say I’ve found it!

I would even go so far as to say that the membership has paid for itself in only one meeting!

I’m now feeling more hopeful and confident that I have the resources I need to ensure my success. Thank you Tawnya and friends, I am so excited to continue this journey with you all!

Lourdes McCombs ~ I wanted to let you know that I got a NEW CLIENT by responding to one of the RFPs posted on the Job Board.

The fee for the project that I charged my NEW client needed covered the cost of my membership here.

Chinenye Erikowa ~ As a newbie in VA, the resources available on the VAinsiders club, has made me understand clearly what being a Virtual Assistant entails.

Being part of the group coaching has CONNECTED ME to like-minded people who are willing to support and ensure I am successful in my  VA journey.

Gina Koran ~ Before I invested in, I was feeling lost on where to begin in my VA journey.

With Tawnya, I found a COACH WHO ACTUALLY CARES about my progress, helps me through the stumbling blocks AND celebrates the victories with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this is for me?

This monthly membership is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a freelance service provider struggling to hit your revenue goals
  • You are exploring the idea of becoming a Virtual Assistant and want to do it right
  • You need coaching, accountability, community and support to reach your goals
  • You value your time and are sick and tired of wading through Internet search results
  • You dream of financial freedom as a self-employed service provider working from home
Is this membership for brand new or seasoned VAs?

We have members here at all levels in their careers as Virtual Assistants. Some have been in business for 10+ years and love the COMMUNITY with their peers and friends they’ve had for years here. Others joined just to find CLIENTS and visiting our job board is their main mission each morning with a cup of tea. Everyone loves the COACHING options and knowing someone is out there and has your back when you need it and rely on our monthly sessions and access to our VA Forum for Q&A.

If you are BRAND NEW then I recommend you first look at investing in my Virtual Assistant Career training program first as it includes VAinsiders membership and website and lays out the detailed roadmap to get your business up and running successfully.

Why should I choose your VA membership over others I see online?

I’ve been a leader, trainer, coach and spokesperson in the Virtual Assistant for over 20 years. Just Google me or ask around. I have a long and strong history of helping VAs get started and scaling their business into 6 figures. I’ve also been running my own VA business since 1997 so I walk the talk and who better to learn from than someone doing it? 😉

This question touches my heart because unfortunately, I have seen many “POP-UP” VA trainers/coaches come and go over the years preying on the vulnerable who want to get started as a VA. These instructors have never even run a successful Virtual Assistant business of their own yet. Simply put they are blowing sunshine up the backsides of people who just want to learn how to run a successful VA business. It’s sad but true and I see it happening every day … a flashy website, a lip-syncing Tiktok video, pearly promises, and a lightning bolt strikes another poor soul sucked into handing over their money for training that won’t help them.

You’ll get no smoke and mirrors with me as I’m an introvert (maybe like you). You’ll never catch me lip-syncing on TitkTok, ever! LOL! My sole mission over the years has been to help Virtual Assistants however I can. You can trust I’ve got your back throughout the lifetime of your Virtual Assistant career with me because I’m a nurturer at heart and get my kicks seeing business success with my VA friends.

So, I encourage you to do your due diligence when choosing a Virtual Assistant membership. Ask your other VA friends who have been in business for a while what training programs they recommend. AND remember, Google can be your best friend in finding out information about other training programs or instructors. That or the Wayback Machine can be used to figure out how long a company to do your due diligence. For example, here’s my VA website or my training site that shows I’ve been in business for years working as a VA. Who better to learn from than someone who has been doing it successfully for years?

Tell me more about your pricing options, guarantee and refund policy?

I know you’ll love the VAinsiders but I do offer a full money-back guarantee on yearly plans only within 30 days from your purchase date. SO, give us a try for a month, you’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain (Coaching + Community = CLIENTS). PLUS if you pay upfront for one full year you’ll get over 2 months for free. Each year your yearly payment will be automatically renewed until you cancel with us.

There is also a recurring monthly pricing option if you aren’t yet ready to commit to a full year yet and just want to check us out. Cancel at any time. There is no money-back return if you pay monthly.

Can you share more details about Tawnya's coaching background?

Since 2005, I’ve been working with Virtual Assistants (Freelancers and Service Providers like Graphic Designers, ghostwriters, social media managers, etc.) to help them clear the clutter and take revenue-generating ACTION!  I’ve personally coached 1000s of Virtual Assistants over the years and I don’t hold anything back with my protégés. I give everything I have and then some. VAs who work with me get the full benefit of my skills, knowledge, years of experience and PASSION for helping entrepreneurs succeed online in this increasingly competitive industry.


(Yearly Plan ONLY)
within 30 days from your purchase date.

SO, give us a try for a month, you’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain

Coaching + Community = CLIENTS

PLUS if you pay upfront for one full year you’ll get 2 months for free.

Here’s what Debra Butler had to say about investing in herself and her business with the VAinsiders:  

INVEST NOW and you won’t have to figure things out all by yourself. Whether you are a new VA or an established VA with a new challenge, a VAinsider membership puts the tools you need right at your fingertips. In addition, who can put a price on such a great networking and coaching opportunity?

If You’re Ready to TAKE BACK CONTROL in Your Virtual Assistance Business and FIND the FREEDOM$ you desire …

The VAinsiders Membership Club is the answer to your sleepless nights worrying about finances, your unanswered questions about how to find that next client, and your desire to be the fabulous Virtual Assistant you know you can be.

The VAinsiders Club is the COMMUNITY where Virtual Assistants go to get the COACHING that helps them land the CLIENTS they need to find the freedom and success they desire.

Have NO REGRETS this time next year wondering what could have been.

Add the VAinsiders Club to your marketing budget (it’s even a write-off at tax time!)

The return on your investment will be … well … PRICELESS!

ONLY  $97 US/month (cancel anytime)

Get 2 months FREE if you pay for a full year.

ONLY  $97 US/month (cancel anytime)

Get 2 months FREE if you pay for a full year.

If you have any questions, please contact our helpdesk.