What Do the Most Successful Virtual Assistants (VA) in the World Have in Common?

Simply stated they are “VAinsiders” and know how to squeeze every drop of value out of their time and money for their business resources and training.

That’s what.

It’s not rocket science either. But it is hard work.

Successful VAs are willing to:

  • Research the latest trends in virtual business,
  • Learn new technologies and systems to increase efficiency,
  • Scout out and “test” various online forums and professional organizations,
  • Connect with like-minded business people on a continual basis,
  • And various other developmental activities too numerous to mention!


Don’t be.

Now there is a way to do all of the above and more.

It’s easy. It’s fun (most here would say “addictive”). And totally inspirational. Plus, if you’re willing to contribute just a few minutes of your time each day or even each week, you are guaranteed to:

  • Connect with virtual professionals just like you from around the world
  • Gain valuable exposure for your virtual assistance business
  • Find up-to-date training for every aspect of your business needs
  • Land new clients in your service based business
  • And probably surpass your own expectations for success!

What’s the catch?

There is no catch!

Literally thousands of virtual professionals already have a FREE VAnetworking membership. That free membership provides access to an array of forum topics that newbies and veterans alike are learning and benefiting from every single day in their own practices.

What Would the Business World be Without Our Keeners?!!

With 22,000+ members and growing, we at VAnetworking have discovered a group of you in our midst that is ready to kick things up a notch. You want something a little more “exclusive,” a “total training package” designed for the discriminating VA who hasn’t got the time to shop the forums for the best deal. You know what you want and you’re willing to pay for it. Well, no more waiting. It’s here and it’s truly the deal of a lifetime!

Just Become a VAinsider!

Our VAinsider yearly membership program includes everything you’ll ever need to make your VA business ROCK and start making money right away!

Here’s an inside peek of what you’ll see when you login into your VAinsider member area.

You name it we have all the business resources on the inside that you’ve been wanting! We have a busy job board, group coaching, monthly motivators, networking with members in our private forum, monthly webinar training, member perks plus our training VAult stocked full of resources like business templates, seminar archives, system sheets, eBooks and other bonus resources. All these training resources are at the click of your mouse ready for you to learn whatever your heart desires quickly and easily:

Let’s go into more detail of each VAinsider training resource:

First and foremost we have a busy job board for you to land new clients. Without clients we wouldn’t have a business right? We have one of the busiest and most credible job boards for Virtual Assistants. What do we mean by credible? These are prospecting clients who are willing to pay what you are worth. These are not $5/hr jobs like you’ll find on the big job boards around the net. You are not competing here for low paying positions as the clients who come across our job board are educated about virtual assistance. They know they get what they pay for and they don’t want monkeys working for them. They come to us because they know we train our VAinsiders and provide them with the resources they need to help their clients succeed.
Get engaged with other VAs who are part of our VAinsider Club in our monthly VA Strategy Group Coaching Sessions. Be held accountable and motiVAted to think at a deeper level and share your successes and tribulations in a comfortable and friendly group environment. We will be look at each Virtual Assistant’s accomplishments for the month as well as formulate strategies for any challenges you may be currently facing in your business. It’s also a social networking evening to JOT down everything on our minds, from introducing new VAinsider Club members to asking questions about our business needs. We guarantee it will be a fun and informative social webinar for all to hang with their peers in the VA industry!
Every month you will receive our MotiVAtor downloadable PDF resource to start off your month on the right foot in your virtual business.We plan to kick your butt and motiVAte you to new growth potentials within your virtual business. From helping you find new ways to gain and retain clients to learning the latest “How-TOs” every virtual business should be aware of you’ll want to download each MotiVAtor every month.
As a VAinsider you’ll be able to network with like-minded business entreprenuers inside our private forum area. The best topics seem to happen inside our private forum away from the sights of potential clients and the public. This is where all the top trade secrets of our industry are shared and discussed. You’ll also receive other forum perks as a VAinsider like full customization of your board profile including your signature or the ability to start polls anywhere in the forum when you need some stats for your next project. VAinsiders get many forum perks to help their networking be a breeze.
Every month you’ll receive webinar training to take your business to the next level taught by our Founder, Tawnya Sutherland. Tawnya is a Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist and is always on top of what is new in our industry to help us turn our clicks into CA$H!The goal of these webinars is to provide you with proven strategies, formulas, online marketing tips and ideas to take your business beyond office hours and finally earn the revenue streams you desire.
What would a membership be without its perks? As a member of our exclusive VAinsiders you will receive a steady stream of perks that you can add to your marketing arsenal. From marketing discounts to passive money opportunities as a VAinsider member you’ll find many ways to help grow your service company. You’ll receive:

  • 25% OFF Discount coupon to *many of our products at VAnetworking.com
  • Advertising perks which include 2 forum advertisements per year to our list of 22,000+
  • 25% OFF our Preferred Advertising Rates at our network
  • Credibility on your website sporting our member buttons
  • Refer your friends and get paid! We’ve found the best way to promote the VAinsider Club is via word of mouth by our loyal members. Only VAinsiders can be part of our affiliate program.

But that’s not all, we’ve not even talked about the VAult yet!

Inside the VAult you will find the BULK of your VAinsider training resources.

We have got you covered on every topic you’ll ever need to know about as a Virtual Assistant. You’ll have access to:

Business Templates – Access to our business template reservoir which includes, general and legalese templates, tutorials, business plans and bonus reports. You’ll save many hours not having to start from scratch to build your business templates.  Just grab one already done, edit to your satisfaction, add your own logo and use! Over 100 templates for your business success.

Seminar Archives – Access to 275+ archived webinars (approximately 1 hour long each) presented by fantastic and informative business speakers from around the globe. We have seminars to suit everyone’s tastes from beginner to veteran on topics like Business Sense, Marketing Power, Tech Talk and Motivate ME. All speakers were chosen to help educate, inform and entertain Virtual Assistants and online Virtual Achievers worldwide.

eBook Library – VAs are serious about their business and ready to invest their time into it. For further education, we’ve put together a collection of 40+ eBooks from VAnetworking’s ebook store and other resources on various topics to help you supercharge your Virtual Assistant business.

System Sheets – These are fully illustrated training sheets (140+) you can use in your business to help your clients. They include common business tasks like using different web development tools, blogging formats, shopping carts, cpanel, etc.

VA Training Series – These select Virtual Assistant training programs will further educate a Virtual Assistant in areas of business that will help them gain more clients, market their business, build their business service list and give them the credentials to help them stand out from their competition. These bonus training series are taught through various multimedia learning environments like audio interviews, screen capture videos, video lectures, workbooks and study guides all with a user friendly virtual testing environment.

  • Proactive VA Series – This series of 3 interactive workshops presented by Tawnya Sutherland, Founder of VAnetworking.com and Certified Internet Marketing Specialist will help you take your VA business to that next level of succes. A Virtual Assistant who strategically seeks ways to help their client’s business grow because of an invested interest in their business. If the client succeeds -> the VA succeeds! Finally switch your yearly income into the financial levels you have always dreamed of.
  • Thriving Business Series – The purpose of this 18 module DIY video series is to complete a business procedure manual and begin the daunting task of documenting your business. What safeguards do you have in place for your business? Have you documented your business to allow someone to “fill your shoes” in your absence? Are you thinking of adding team members, but worry that they will complete assignments to your standards? These video modules take you through the process of creating a business manual that will allow your business to thrive and survive and obstacle thrown in its way.
  • Website Copywriter Series - Over a course of 6 video modules we’ll meet with website and search engine optimized (SEO) copywriting expert Karon Thackston. Just as she’s done for hundreds of others, Karon will take us by the hand and show us her insider secrets to every step of the process from headline writing to landing clients and everything in between. You’ll walk away with the confidence to write an endless amount of web pages for your own site. Or you can turn your new-found skills into yet another value-added service you can greatly profit from.
  • Web Graphics VA Series - This series is presented by Angela Wills, a GIMP expert, as 4 one-hour do-it-yourself (DIY) educational video modules (plus BONUSES) that will put you at ease using this free open source photo manipulation software. Upon completion of this course, you’ll walk away with the confidence to design an endless amount of graphics for your own site. Or you can turn your new-found skills into yet another value-added service you can greatly profit from.

Finally. The Straight Goods on Virtual Success.

All in One Place. For One Low Annual Fee of $333.

Brought to You By the Warmest Place on the Web (VAnetworking.com)

BECOME A VAinsider Today!

AND Get on the Inside Track to Virtual Success for $333/yr!

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Tawnya-400X600If You’re Ready to Get Serious About Your Virtual Assistance Business …

The VAinsider Membership Club is the answer to your sleepless nights, your unanswered questions, your desire to be the fabulous entrepreneur you know you can be.

  • How much did you spend on ink for your printer last year?
  • Business cards and flyers?
  • Those brochures you’ve been meaning to toss and re-do from scratch?

This year, make the VAnetworking VAinsider Membership Club a line item in your marketing budget. The return on your investment will be … well … priceless!

To Your Virtual $uccess!


Tawnya Sutherland Founder of VAnetworking.com

Still not sure?

Let’s see what the big guns of Virtual Assistance have to say about their experience with Tawnya and her team at VAnetworking:

What can I say, joining VAnetworking and deciding to become a VAinsider has been one of the best choices I have ever made! Why? Because if you want to become a Virtual Assistant with a full time business inside the Virtual administrative industry, VAnetworking.com is the place to be to make your dream a true reality!

Not only will you find one of the warmest forum where you can meet and discuss freely with your peers, but also a place where learning and sharing is fun and informative and where bringing your business to the next level is as easy as joining the renown VAInsider Track.

The rewards of joining the VAinsider group are countless and well worth it! From the start, I was able to grow my business on solids grounds by having access to invaluable resources as website reviews, templates, RFPs, and seminars by some of the leading experts in our industry. Would I be where I am now if I had not joined? I doubt it very much! And I say this because deciding to become a VA Insider gave me the push that I needed to go forward, and helped me in building my confidence, and making my VA dream a reality.

Congratulations to Tawnya and to all that have worked so hard in making the Virtual Assistant Networking forum not only a proven success, but also a benchmark to our industry.

Christiane Jechoux

I cannot even begin to tell you what an impact VAnetworking.com has had on the success and growth of my business. Joining VAnetworking was absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. VAnetworking has always been a place where Virtual Assistants at all stages in their businesses can go to meet other likeminded business owners, get answers to questions, celebrate success, commiserate over disappointments and losses or just hang out and have a great time.

Tawnya’s watchful eye and constant reiteration that “no question is ever stupid,” has created a safe haven where VAnetworking members know they can go for support and camaraderie no matter what’s going on in their businesses and/or personal lives. VAnetworking truly is the friendliest place on the web for Virtual Assistants all over the world to gather together with one common goal … to network and assist each other in growing their businesses and making their dreams come true. As an added bonus to everything else, I can truly say that I’ve gained some of my closest and dearest friends through my association with VAnetworking. Thank you Tawnya; you truly are the best!

Terry L. Green, MVA, Recipient of OIVAC Thomas Leonard Award

First of all, my own journey to become a virtual assistant started at VAnetworking as have many others. VAnetworking is an important community in the virtual assistant world. If you have the time and the patience, ‘virtually’ every question you have about starting a VA business can be found by searching the forum archives, posting questions to the membership, or paying close attention to signature lines of other members and the advertising throughout the forum.

Working virtually, the one thing that’s missing is coworkers to talk with throughout the day, and often a feeling of isolation that comes with working for yourself in your own private office. If you encounter a problem with a client’s project, are stuck in a MS Word document or just heard a joke on the radio that you would love to share with someone, VAnetworking is there 24/7. The membership is made up of likeminded individuals who are there to support you. Almost almost everyone is either starting out where you are, or has ‘been there and done that’ and can help you avoid the mistakes they have made on their way to success. There are hundreds of people to learn from and everyone has something to offer, no matter how new to the industry. Everyone learns from one another.

If you aren’t a member of VAnetworking, you are missing out on a lot of priceless information and a great sense of belonging.

Jaime Lee Mann, Recipient of OIVAC Janet Jordon Award

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